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Pizzaman loving a babysitter


happy 40th birthday Misha! (▽◠)ノ*:・゚✧

friendly reminder that sam winchester still worked hard to save someone even though he was in a psych ward having hallucinations of lucifer 24/7

Feeling super nervous

My mom is going with her best friend to Las Vegas for her 60th birthday. The two of us want to make it a surprise, where my aunts and uncles would travel to Vegas to celebrate my mom’s birthday. 

As far as my mom is concerned, she thinks she’s just going to Vegas for a few days to spend time with her friend. I have no idea how to make this work because all of our relatives live in Canada and we’re from Chicago, and my mom’s friend certainly can’t do the phone calls and texting because they’ve never met her. 

Anyone have any advice how to do something like this? She’s planning on going on October 3-8. I started texting one of them but when your mom has 10 siblings and gets along great with all of them, it makes contacting all of them scary when you have never spoken to any of them without her presence being there. 

I’m also super afraid one of them will say something to her before this actually happens. 


get to know me memetelevision / angel the series (1999-2004)


I found love at 4am


I found love at 4am


New rule. You steal my baby, you get punched.

And I have a sister! A twin sister who I don’t remember at all but who I feel like I know really well.

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